Monday, June 30, 2008

SonyEricsson W760

Going to buy this phone. I like the red color one; black color seen not bad too...after all, still back to walkman phone! XD


Hoyi said...

I m thinking y this phone so familiar ??!
haha...原来i get this b4 in SonyEricson job. Here the phone i render in 3d.

SOny got sent us this product .
This phone got nice shape, light...etc. Great~!

Hoyi said...
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ice said...

will they come out white color ga? i like white color phone...T.T...

Hoyi said...

Well, so far i dun think so now got while version.
Got red, grey & black only they sent us~~!
I think if white mayb not so nice wo~~ wait..i can render one white version let u see see..

ice said... need la...u render out also sony won't come out white color version de la...T.t