Saturday, February 7, 2009

new office...again!

Here is my new seat! I'm kinda lucky actually because I always get into work in new office. I get to work in new office after 3 months I worked in my first job. Then i get to work in a new office again after 1 month I worked in Petronas Tower for my 2nd job. It is already a new office when I get the offer for my 3rd job. And now for the 4th, my working environment is still a new office! With a 22 inch monitor that everyone around can see am I uploading post, or doing my job there. -_-lll


Hoyi said...

wa...nice place to work...and i luv the wacom...XDXD
Add oil & luck luck luck~~

ice said...

ya...just abit too cold...-_-lll thanks! will add oil~!

ahkit said...

开工大吉! 步步高升~