Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Office...Again!!

This is the lobby of my new office building...with comfortable big sofa and strong security.
This is my workspace. It is big enough for me to move around when I get bored with work yet small enough to hide my screen from others when I'm blogging. XD Half side of the office serounded with French window and Klang Valley view. But this is not what I will feel excited about since I'm acrophobia.
What I love the most is...Dang Dang Dang!! Big and clean washroom with soft embossed flower pattern toilet paper! Wahahahhahahahaa~~! XD


Agnes Sim said... office again. Where is it? ;-)

ice said...

The Gardens...XD that's y I always do COD at Megamall...XD

ah zheng said...

OMG, Kenal fire sotong ?? together with ur senior ??