Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Annexe Gallery - ART FOR GRABS Xmas

The Annexe Gallery
Sat 20, Sun 21 December 2008
12pm - 8pm

kawan-kawan sekalian, panda jun and mer mer ice is going to play selling bags and pillows here. MUST come support us and do make our store look crowded! JIN MIN! u hear me?!


ps: siapa tu panda jun?
pps: what she sells?

note: she is very the pretty...XD
note2: am i just sold someone out? keke...XD


huk huk said...

yes~ u r selling someone~ ruru will kill u~ wakakakakekekek XD

ice said...

hahahahhaaa~~faster run first~~!! XD

junjun said...

wa sai mm sai ar... sell bag n pillow jet... no sell face XD (not good enough to sell also)


ice said...

same de...coz ppl say we look leng also u leng...u leng also i leng...wahhahaekkekkekek~~~~XD