Monday, December 31, 2007

no pain, no gain!

year of many things happened...things changed, mind changed, life style changed...only salary still no big is a sad is a happy is a learning year...! another year~! mer~to all my frens~! happy new year~! i love u~! so glad to have u all around~! muakzzz~~!

no pain, no gain! learning violin...spoilt my pretty pain, no gain!!! T.T...i know how to play ba ba black sheep already!!! XD mer mer~~~i love u~~mer mer~~~man sui~~~!!


Stone said...

when.. can teach piano... i wanna kill gurlsssss~~ piano piano pianoo~~~

ice said...

hahahhaa...i scare u haven't kill girls...u already kena me kill...i'll use ruler to knock ur hand! XD XD XD